intensive relaxation program

How to rejuvenate and get a charge of vivacity for the efficient activity and harmonious life?

Intensive relaxation program (duration – from 3 days) will help You!

Devote a few days for the intensive Ayurvedic relaxation program!

Improve the quality of Your life!

The program includes Ayurvedic consultation and diagnosis using VEDAPULS program, daily Yoga classes, daily classes of deep relaxation (yoga nidra), daily 2 calming Ayurvedic treatment sets, according to Your diagnosis (duration - 2.5 hours for each set), daily intake of Ayurvedic medications as directed by Your doctor.

The list of products, herbs (Western and Ayurvedic), information about the lifestyle, description of Yogic exercises (asanas) suitable for You will be sent on Yours e-mail after consultations!

In addition,  You can enjoy a balanced vegetarian Diet and drink an unlimited number of different therapeutic herbal teas!

Walking along the beach and sunbathes on the terrace - is a guarantee of complete relaxation and the possibility to forget worries and cares of daily rutine!

Your body will be grateful for care and attention, and we will do all the best to make You forget about illnesses and fatigue!

Our program will:

  • relieve shoulders fatigue
  • relax the face muscles, smoothing the wrinkles
  • rejuvenate skin, remove dryness
  • relax the back muscles
  • take rest and recuperate

The total fee for 3-day program - 1239 EUR