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Sanatorium «Ayurveda Palace Jurmala» in Jurmala

Pulse diagnosis

The hardware implementation of one of the diagnostic methods used in Ayurveda, which allows to conduct objective analysis of Vikruti (balance of Doshas).

Vegetarian restaurant

Vegetarian restaurant is opened for You in Ayurveda Palace Jurmala in the center of Jurmala! We offer two service systems:
1. "Brunch" - pay 15 EUR and have the opportunity to enjoy the unlimited vegetarian meals and drinks for two hours! 2. "Freedom" – create the lunch dish by oneself from the meals offered! New menu every day! Vegetarian desserts and drinks. No alcohol and cigarettes! The sea air is included in the price! We are opened from 11:00 to 18:00 every day.

Ayurvedic treatments

Abyanga - 60 minute relaxation procedure, including full body oiling. Sauna is offered in the end of the therapy to fix the treatment benefits.

Champi - 45 minute head and upper body oil massage

Sambahana - 60-90 minute therapy, restoring internal harmony

Shirodhara - unique Ayurvedic method for deep relaxation

Since ancient times mankind has taken care of health. Referring to knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, we can only guess about the fantastic opportunities that had ancient people. Ayurvedic Clinic «Ayurveda Palace Jurmala» is located in the very center of Jurmala, surrounded by fragrant pines, on the Baltic Sea coast. Here Nature herself gives You a chance to improve Your health and rejuvenate. Get rid of disorders and fill Your life with Meaning! Touch the wisdom of the ancients! Ayurveda is now available to You!

"Ayurveda Palace Jurmala" received the certificate of Veggie Hotels - 100% Vegetarian