Full body massage performed with medical multicomponent oil.


Full body massage performed with medical multicomponent oil. The consistency of the oil is selected individually. 


All disorders of the nervous system, all kinds of chronic arthritis, spondylosis, insomnia, dry skin, psoriasis, headaches, migraine, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, constipation, flatulence, osteoporosis, separation of the nail plate, hearing loss, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, sedentary work.


Reduces Vata disorders, softens and moisturizes, improves the quality of skin, stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, relieves fatigue, strengthens the body, improves the function of the senses ograns (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), slows the aging process, increases life expectancy and improves digestion, sleep, reduces pain in the body, relieve muscle tension, strengthens the Immune system, creates a feeling of satisfaction, removes toxins from the body. 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Svedana is performed after Abhyanga - 15 min

The total fee – 60 EUR